2 de May de 2019


CAMMAROTA & ABREU ADVOGADOS was incorporated with the purpose to provide high-quality legal services and, thus, be a key tool for the success of each client. The Firm stands out for its specialized mind-set and by its constant efforts to find the best solution for the specific needs of each of its clients. For that reason, our clients are assisted by a multidisciplinary team, with focus on innovation, efficiency and promptness.

Our practice areas include corporate law and M&A, contracts, compliance and corporate ethics, antitrust, data protection, tax and administrative law and other interdisciplinary matters that may be involved in the questions presented by our clients.

The firm is also concerned in recruiting and developing professionals committed to our values, keeping them always up-to-date. In full recognition of the fact that talents arise from many different backgrounds, CAMMAROTA & ABREU is committed to the recruitment of diverse professionals, ensuring that the work environment is conducive to their retention and promotion. Respect for diversity is a basic principle of the Firm.


The Firm’s MISSION is to provide excellent legal services, through a multidisciplinary team, upon the presentation of integrated solutions, with a positive impact to all business aspects, aiming to build a long-term relationship with our clients.

The Firm’s VISION is to be the focal point of legal services to our clients in all of their relevant demands comprised within our practice areas, and with a view towards being acknowledged by our clients as a business partner and a modern, innovative and efficient law firm.

To achieve its objectives, the Firm has as VALUES:

    we act based on the principles of integrity and ethics in the carrying out of our businesses, and in the relationship with our members.
    we provide high-quality legal services, with focus in excellence, efficiency and innovation.
    dedication and commitment of the partners and of all members of the Firm with the goals of each of our clients, attempting to understand the specific needs of each one. We understand that each client is unique and required individualized attention.
    we act in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.